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Rosslyn Healing Method & Therapy…

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You are intuitive? Want to Develop Your Skills But don’t Know How To?.

Just like any other skill, when you have the right tools and the right coach, skills expand, and improve.

Is this course for you? Do you currently struggle with repeated behaviors that leave you feeling alone and disconnected from others?

Are your relationships always difficult and seem to drain you of all your energy? Is it hard for you to make decisions?

Do you already know you’re intuitive or have Healing Abilities but don’t know how to make them stronger?

I may have the answer you have been looking for all your life!!!

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This Course Includes:-

Attune Yourself To Angels & Guides The Rosslyn Way Manual

Plus All Of These Amazing Guided Meditations To Connect You to Your Powers

The first course is designed to create a Sacred Space for oneself with the Power of the Subconscious Mind. 

The whole concept of these Meditations is to journey through subconscious doors to expend the Human Mind to Higher Powers to create Self Healing & Self Empowerment through the use of Angels & Guides.

Invest a week and walk away with:-

  • More connected to spirit…
  • More self-control…
  • More self-confidence…
  • Psychic & healing ability…
  • Sacred healing…
  • how to create a sacred space…
  • Psychic Medium Meditation Video…
  • Psychometry Meditation Video…
  • Cost Of One Hour Meditation Course $27.00

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The second course is designed to find your Personal Guide & Angels to create the power to be able to manifest money and abundance with Angels and Guides. 

I Create a Manifesting light within the subconscious mind. 

This course also enters into the power of friends & relationships with the ability to look into one’s own heart and values. 

Journey into the mind to look at the emotions connected to one’s own life to create positive change in one’s life and values. 

This is all done subconsciously.

Invest a week and walk away with:

  • How to manifest your powers…
  • Strengthen your relationships…
  • Discover what you treasure…
  • Cost Of One Hour Meditation course $27.00

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.The Third Course is designed to go through Two Past Life Regressions that are very different in Emotional Healing. 

The First Past Life Regression is a very old past life Regression.

The Second Meditation is a very recent Past Life Regression.

Designed to bring balance into your Current Life Experience by Healing any Past Emotional Trauma.

Invest a week & walk away with:-

  • 2 Past life regressions…
  • Overcome emotional obstacles…
  • Access your happy, successful, creative & powerful self…
  • Cost Of One Hour Meditation course $47.00.

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The Fourth Course is designed to go Through an Ancestral Regression to gain access to the inner strength needed to bring change into one’s life. 

Everyone is clairvoyant and the subconscious mind knows what you are going to experience in life.

Future Life Progression to help you move forward.

The Square of Life is a subconscious tool used to gain access into one’s own future to access a path to success happiness and wealth…

Invest a week & walk away with:

  • Discover the power to move forward in strength…
  • Recreate the new you in just 4 simple steps…
  • The Cost Of The One Hour Meditation Course $47.00

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The Fifth Course is designed to build a Divine Subconscious Pyramid. 

You will raise one’s mind into the Higher Self-linked through the Human Chakra System. 

You will also create a Divine Sacred Space in the Universal Higher Mind so the connection to your Highest Guides is easily accessed once you listen to the Course.

You will access the Personal Goddess and Spirit Totems to create stronger personal values and creative instincts.

Mountain of light is working with Guides & Angels on another level. Meet your highest Guiding Guide to help you. 


Invest one week & walk away with:-

  • How to raise your vibration…
  • Strenthen Your valuwes…
  • Meet your personal angels & guides…
  • Cost Of One Hour Meditation course $47.00.

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The Six Course is designed to align the subconscious mind to its full potential. Accessing the Inner Wizard to Boost Creativity. 

The Enlightened Prophet to Manifest changes into one’s own environment.

Angelic Powers help access the Higher Powers of the subconscious mind to help to bring change. 

The Highest Guide to align the Subconscious Mind to the Highest Power of All. YOU…

Invest a week & walk away with:-

  • Connection to Spirit Totems to develop instincts…
  • Empower your creativity…
  • Listen & control your environment…
  • Manifest psychic & healing ability…
  • Learn how to become a spiritual teacher…
  • Discover enlightenment…
  • Take control of your thoughts…
  • Cost Of One Hour Meditation course $47.00

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The seventh course is:-

The Holy Grail Meditations Are Unique Meditations On Video.

The holy grail story is over 1000 years old and the most powerful transformation meditations & stories available today.

Invest one week & walk away with:-

  • Understanding & observing your wounds…
  • Maturity of spiritual growth…
  • Loving the powers of oneself…
  • Creative freedom & powers…
  • Video Meditations.
  • Warning: I use Background noise on video meditations.
  • Cost Of Meditations $47.00

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The eighth course is:-

Angels & guides Meditations…


Millions Of People Worldwide Are Searching For A Spiritual Teacher Or New Healing Therapy.

Many Have Traveled The World,  Only to Be Disappointed With The Limited Information They Find.

We Are Dedicated To Giving You The Best Training Courses Ever Created To Learn

Ancient Healing Techniques & Shamanistic Wisdom.

Invest one week & walk away with:-

  • Be in awe of your ability to heal yourself & others…
  • Remove stress, Aches & pains, Anxiety & minor injuries…
  • Invoke your powers…
  • Open your subconscious doors…
  • Warning: I use background noise on video meditations.

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Rosslyn Bio-Energetic “Meditation” Course Reviews:

I had the pleasure of taking some healing classes and meditation techniques with John and he’s an incredibly talented and amazing teacher. For anyone that is interested in healing classes, meditation techniques or reading, I couldn’t recommend John enough. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Ruth.


I can highly recommend John Campbell’s workshops, which I attended, John showed such an incredible clarity of others Inner journeys, discovery, and awakenings, and was able to also articulate this matter to the individual and hence guide them constructively. The workshops brought a realness of the spiritual world to me that one can sometimes only theories about. John is a very capable healer, and I have heard from a few clients how moved they are during and after the session. I know of reported success with chronic back sufferers whereby to date they have not had a reassurance of painJohn is a truly gifted healer and colorful teacher. Leanne Rhonda Paff Coffs Vital Health Center


I highly recommend John Campbells Energy Workshops to anyone who is interested in learning techniques to heal themselves. John’s support and guidance to release inner beauty and strength. He does this in a very genuine and accessible way while remaining in touch with where ordinary people are. I personally experienced a radical shift in my levels of stress trapped within my body while also being shown the techniques of working my own inner guidance. If you are interested and open to changing your life, this is the workshop for you. Love and peace Lissa Evens


John, you have such vast knowledge to share which has taken you many years of devotion and trust, and Jill and i are very privileged to have been taken under your wing. It’s thanks to you we are where we are now. xxxx


Hi John, I just listened to this beautiful, powerful healing meditation. Thank you so much for this. Just what I need. Just felt energised and revitalised especially after these hectic days I just had. I have more strength and positivity to carry on. And thank you for the wonderful job you’re doing. You’re such an amazing angel here on earth. With gratitude Leah


would like to tell you that I admire greatly your dedication to your chosen path, your personal surrender, and sacrifice in order to know the truth. I also admire your determination to delve into every corner of your being to become a pure vessel for the purpose of assisting others and heal themselves. I acknowledge that it takes incredible courage and strength to stand-alone and enquire to that very depth of being. Equally and importantly I value your level of self-discipline, ethics, and morals. I appreciate the respect you have shown to others and me when you could have easily played with their vulnerability. With total Respect, Janita


Hi John of all the years of wonderful meditations today’s stands out as one of the best. John you have taught us so much with healing and spiritual development and I cannot thank you enough. You are appreciated far more than you know.


I just wanted to say thank you for the classes and healing session…I feel I have made great inroads to self-discovery and personal growth and though I know the road ahead will have bumps and bends I think I have more strength to deal with it. Once again thank you and have fun while you’re away in AustraliaTake care Lisa G. 2017.


Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and skills and love with us last weekend. I will continue to explore and practice the skills you demonstrated for me there is no turning back. Lissa. Port Macquarie NSW 


John, you are a very special man with amazing energy. The love you give out and share with others is truly beautiful. I am really grateful you came into my life. Thank you so much for all the insights and gifts you have shared in these past weeks. Linda


Since coming to Darwin I am doing the treatment I learned from the book. I have done therapy on a girl in the office and she has recommended two more people for treatments-for the first time paying clients. I am telling people that the book was developed by John Campbell and is based on the symbols of the Knights Templar. You are given full credit for developing the system. I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Barb


How does one put my experience down on paper without it turning into a short novel? I think my best testimony is that if I hadn’t met John Campbell at the time of my life when I did I would not have been able to get through my period of personal turmoil. I also attended John workshop 3. Which has changed my life in many ways is hard to describe. It is a change that will influence me for the rest of my life. John doesn’t have a big head to realize that he is as normal as you and me. He has a gift to guide/teach you the keys to making these changes. He is a wealth of knowledge and doesn’t mind sharing it. Carmell. 


I am a Reflexologist working in Coffs Harbour NSW. I attended two of My John Campbells workshops, Workshop2, and /Workshop3, I have found answers to some of my life’s questions. As a mother, student, healer, and teacher I had for some time felt indecisive in many areas of my life with feelings of doing too much and scattering myself too far. In workshop 2, Discover your Purpose and destiny, I found confirmation in my chosen career and chosen lifestyle. I found Johns workshop 2 to be very confirming and at sometimes happily surprising in the amount of information I was able to access during the workshop. In attending Johns workshop 3, Channeling. I received much more knowledge about where I am in order of the universe and am very grateful for the loss of sense of loneliness as I now know I am not traveling my path alone. I am also now much more sensitive to my feelings and intuition as well as becoming much more sensitive to those around me. I am now using my newfound sensitivity in interaction with my family, my friends, and my patients I can see where I am now a more confident practitioner, am much happier with my skills, and well able to treat and heal on our multi-levels of being. I have no hesitation in recommending John Campbell as a Healer and or as a Teacher as I have found him to be capable with his confidence in his knowledge and both gentleness and prudence in his practices. Thank You Cyndy Wynter Dip.Reflex Dip Hom


I am so grateful you chose Jill and I. Out of the thousands of people you have had contact with over the years. it is very touching that Jill and I have the benefit of your wise teachings. Jill is just amazing and I am busier than ever. Thank you. Jan “Rosslyn Therapist” UK.


Wow. when I am doing the meditations I truly feel wonderful. I truly feel connected to these stories and meditations about Percival, for some reason, and the imagery is just so clear for me. Almost as tho, I’ve been there and done it before. I wrote a poem many years ago about going on a journey with Merlin and the magic powers of the swords. I am loving the meditations, the stories, your voice, and the words you use. DeAnne

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