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First,  I would like to add a few words from “John Joseph Campbell”. He is an authority of Reiki Therapy…






In 1988 John Campbell suffered a motorcycle accident and was told he would never walk again without the aid of a stick.
Unwilling to accept this devastating news, John turned to self-healing and,

using his body’s restorative powers, proved his doctors wrong and gained full mobility.
“I totally immersed myself in the subject and read every book I could find,” John explained.

“The more I looked into self-healing the more fascinated I became with the subject and I knew I had to continue my research.

I talked with as many practitioners that I could find and studied intently,” said John.
26 years on John is now a world-renowned Reiki teacher and the skills and techniques which John used to heal himself are available to help you.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, sciatica, migraine or any number of stress-related illnesses,

John’s non-obtrusive Rosslyn technique –

focusing on the body’s natural electrical pulses via the spinal cord and nervous system –

will help you to break the shackles of pain and discomfort.
John has developed the technique and combines it with an amazing mix of Reiki and clairvoyance which more

and more people are finding helps them on a day-to-day basis as the following client testimonial highlights:
“I am a sceptic at heart, and I have to admit that I was hesitant to seek help. But after almost three years of suffering

daily and refusing to consider back surgery as an option, I contacted John.

The pain I had begun to experience in my wrists has gone and my former daily dosage of medication has become unnecessary.

Now I feel confident that my commitment to my health through the support offered by John will make me more comfortable, stronger and healthier.”
A lecturer on self-healing, John is also a renowned author having penned ‘How to attune yourself to Reiki:

The Cosmology Way’ and ‘The Dream Key’, both books lifting the lid on John’

fascinating subject and how life-changing techniques are within everyone’s grasp.
John has travelled extensively across Europe, Asia and Australia with many

Hands On and Distant Reiki Healing
Hands on and Distant Reiki Healing
Reiki is the healing technique through which one person, called Reiki practitioner channels the vital energy through

another person’s body, usually called patient or recipient. This procedure can be done by the practitioner in two

different ways: either by using their hands to channel the energy, also called hands-on technique

or by using the power of mind when the patient is not in the same location as the practitioner (called distant technique).
Hands-on technique
It involves the direct contact between practitioner and patient. Usually the practitioner places

their hands on key areas from the patient’s body, thus channelling the energy
throughout the entire body. There are several key positions, which can lead to the total healing or alleviation of people’s suffering.

When using hands on Reiki, the practitioner will feel a vibration in their hands or a warm feeling trespassing their body. This is the sign that the
energy goes through the practitioner’s body towards the patient. Sometimes these feelings can be felt of the soles of the feel,

so the practitioner may use their feet too, in order to perform a more effective healing.
At Distance Reiki
At distance Reiki functions in almost the same manner as the hands-on technique in the sense that the

practitioner it is used as channel and guide for the positive energy.

The only difference is that the patient is no longer in the same room with the practitioner, but at a considerable
distance, sometimes at the other end of the world.
Many people consider this type of Reiki procedure weaker than the hands-on technique,

but it fact it they are equal in power and positive effects.

This is mainly because we are all united through positive energy and no matter where they are, the individuals can connect with
one another through the power of positive energy. There are cases in which the future Reiki Masters receive

their attunements or empowerments at distance,

following the same principle of the energy bonding all people.
No matter what type of Reiki procedure you choose,

it is highly important to think positive and surround yourself with positive persons,

so that the energy will flow through your body undisrupted and you will have a sense of well being all your life.

What Is Attunement and Why You Need It to Perform Reiki
What Is Attunement and Why You Need It to Perform Reiki?
Reiki sessions always need two people: the patient and the practitioner.

The practitioner is not just any person claiming to have powers

in guiding energy. In order to be a real Reiki practitioner, one must receive the necessary
attunements and have at least two of the three levels of becoming a Reiki master completed.
This will enable them to heal themselves (first degree) and to heal others (second degree). People who have not

received these attunements are not working with Reiki, but rather use other types of energy healing.

Thus, it is important to ask your Reiki practitioner if
they have the necessary attunements to practice
Reiki. It will be a way of ensuring that you are
not dealing with a scam.
Reiki attunements, also known as empowerments are special Reiki sessions in which the Reiki Master

(which is also the teacher) transfers part of the energy and of

their learning to the students wanting to be introduced to Reiki.

It is a special process, which acknowledges the fact
that the students are ready to work with the supreme energy and can

heal themselves (first attunement) and the others (second attunement).
The last attunement represents the ability of the student to become a Reiki Master,

thus not only to be able to use the Ki,

but also to share their knowledge with other people and become a teacher for them.
The attunement for all these three levels used to be given all at once, but to avoid superficial people from trying to get it,

it was split into three with different stages of preparation, meditation periods and preparation for the
special event. Thus, only those determined to help people will be able to get this attunement
One can receive their attunement personally, using the hands-on technique, or,

if the teacher is at the distance, they can send the attunement from the distance. There
is no difference between the two types of
attunement, apart from the convenience of not leaving your own home to attend a miles away attunement.
Some even say that the self attunement method is purer as the energy is not stepped down by passing through another person first.

I don’t know whether this is right or wrong but it’s worth thinking about.
Anyway to carry out Reiki self attunement is quite simple. All you need is the ability to meditate, 20/30 minutes

or so where you can carry out the process, and the willingness to accept Reiki.
In order to practice Reiki every individual must

receive their attunements or empowerments.

Without them they are not Reiki Masters and cannot channel the vital energy, which will lead to no effect after the so called Reiki sessions.

So, make sure that your Reiki Master has received all the attunements before starting the healing sessions.

What You Need In Order To Become a Reiki Healer
What You Need In Order To Become a Reiki Healer.
Reiki means healing one’s body and/or soul with the use of the universal positive energy.

Anyone can benefit from the positive effects of this universal power or energy,

yet it requires a practitioner which ahs received the attunement or

empowerment to channel the energy through the individual’s body.
Everyone can become a Reiki healer. There is no restriction regarding religion, intellectual
capacities, learning or ability to meditate. Anyone who wishes to be initiated in the secrets
of Reiki technique is a potential Reiki healer.
However, in order to be able to channel the energy one must necessarily receive attend special preparation Reiki sessions

and obtain the attunement. For this, a future Reiki master must undergo a series of preparations.
The original Reiki preparation, taught by
Dr Usui involved learning different meditation techniques, breathing exercises, reciting spiritual poetry and the Reiki principles,

regular empowerment meant to open the student’s eyes towards this new

type of healing and last the hands-on and distance healing were taught.
Nowadays there are two ways in which you can undergo your

Reiki apprentice: whether by learning the secrets of Reiki with

one of the few Reiki Masters or read their books and practice Reiki all by yourself.

While the first option is considered to be better, it is not always quite
affordable for different reasons, ranging from
time to the fees one will have to pay.
The second option, which is considered by
specialists almost as effective as the direct apprenticeship is much more comfortable.

Those interested read the book with lessons, perform the activities listed there and they receive indirect attunement
Some Reiki masters are also available on the phone or through email for feedback and/ or comments,

so that students can keep in touch with their masters and even receive direct attunement if this is what they want.
There are 3 levels that a student must reach in order to be a Reiki master:
First degree, where you learn the importance of the Reiki practice as well as the necessity of cleaning yourself

before learning to clean the others; Second degree where you are taught the secret uses of Reiki

as well as the techniques through which you can heal the others.
The third degree when the student becomes a Reiki master who can pass their knowledge to other students.
If becoming a Reiki master is your goal, then you should undergo all those levels, one at a time.

For each one, you will receive special empowerment that will recognize your skills in

channeling the energy for healing yourself and the others.
Who Can Be A Reiki Master And Who Can Use Reiki Healing Techniques?
Who Can Become a Reiki Master and Use Reiki Healing Techniques?
Reiki is a healing technique open to everyone who wants to try it and learn how to use it.

There is no restriction upon who can learn to use Reiki and who cannot. In fact, it is one of the most permissive

healing techniques because there is no way in which the Reiki practitioner
can harm in any way himself or the patient.
There is no age restriction – starting with children and ending with old people,

everybody can take part in the wonder of healing themselves and the others with the power of their hands.
There is no religion restriction – many people wrongly assume that, because the energy from
Reiki is guided by the creator of this universe,
the Reiki Masters must be adepts of one or another religion. This is false, as Christians, Muslims, Jews ,

Buddhists or persons of any other religion can become Reiki Masters without betraying their religion.

In fact, most of those who have tried this form of Healing
claim to be closer of their creator (no matter
what name it bore for them).
There is no gender restriction – this is another proof that you do not

have to be a member of any religion to become a Reiki Master

as in most known religions, women were not allowed to be

priests or have any important role in the religious hierarchy.

Yet, both men and women can become Reiki masters, as they will be only the channels, while the healing action will be
performed by the supreme force through the energy guided by it.
The only criterion a Reiki practitioner must fulfill is to have the necessary attunement in order to perform Reiki.

The attunements are empowerments received my Reiki students by their masters as a proof

of the fact that they are ready to start their healing activity. These are
special sessions during which the students are given special directions regarding how to channel

the energy and are given more power to heal themselves and the others.
Thus, if you want to become a Reiki master, you can do that after you have undergone a preparation stage and have received

the special attunements. Any other detail regarding your physical or intellectual abilities as

well as your emotional preferences do not matter!
So, there is no restriction for everyone who wants to become a reiki master and use reiki healing techniques.
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Free Techniques for Reiki Self Attunement
Posted on May 5, 2013by admin
4 Free Techniques For Reiki Self Attunement
By Valerie.
Reiki is natural healing with energy .

Reiki heals by bringing in balance and harmony to those who embrace it .

Everything and anything in this world is made up of different energy that vibrates at different frequencies.
Because energy can not be destroyed,

it remains in its constant state until it is converted.
Free techniques for Reiki self attunement allow one to replace negative

energy with positive energy in order to heal the mind, body, and soul.
Listed below are the 4 free techniques on how to self attune yourself to Reiki to better

understand how simple and effective this energy healing can be.
1 . Preparation to self attune yourself to Reiki is important .

Meditation starting one week prior to your self attunement session is best.

Meditation helps clear and relax the mind and body.
It allows us to open up on a more spiritual level . One should also stop smoking and drinking alcohol one

day prior to self attunement since these can cause blockage
in the body .
2 . On the day of self attunement , it is helpful to sit in a meditative position .

Try and imagine all negative energies releasing from your body through your crown chakra .

Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head . When I do this, sometimes I imagine an angel coming

down with a bucket to collect my negative thoughts and energies

and rid them from me . (Picturing an action like the angel works best for me. )
3 . Mentally repeat to yourself which Reiki level you wish to be attuned.

If you wish to start with Reiki Level 1, then repeat this to yourself and meditate on it .
4 . Feel the Reiki level that you request enter through your crown chakra and flowing through each and every

part of your body. It helps to picture this Reiki level as a white light . Enjoy the meditative feeling you are in for roughly 30 – 45 minutes.

Once your whole body clears, you can ground yourself .
There are a lot more different techniques to Reiki self attunement .

The above provides a brief lesson for someone interested in self attuning them self to Reiki.
A person who embraces these techniques to heal
themselves, will think clearer, and find that they have more

energy to perform in their daily lives.
There is much more information that is vital to becoming a Spiritual Reiki Master throughSelf Attunement.
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Step to Learn Reiki Trough Self Attunement
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Learn Reiki Through Self Attunement
When you are looking for a great faith based meditation work out intended for Reiki do it your self attunement,

you might have come to the suitable position. Given that Reiki features come to your west,

we’ve been instructed that will sizzling hot to help obtain the attunement has been from the Reiki Master.
Not long ago, we now have discovered that individuals will be able to attune on their own quickly,

and because efficiently to be attuned by the master.
This is often a straightforward meditation work out you could look at inside the comfort and ease of your family

house to help hop start off your current knowledge with Reiki do it yourself attunement in addition to faith based healing.
1. Very first, start with the feet disseminate with regards to a property separate as well as your biceps right available for your aspect.
2. Flip your current eventually left hand up in addition to appropriate hand decrease. Start yoga. This yoga allows
to help attract your purity from your atmosphere into your current Photo voltaic Plexus.
3. Picture in addition to have the energy coming into your current Photo voltaic Plexus in addition to build up.

Picture in addition to sense this kind of energy distribute during your entire getting. On one time picture the force

flowing into your current eventually left palm, through people,

in addition to from the appropriate palm. Make this happen for several minutes.
4. Following, breathe, hold the breathing, in addition to keep on the same visualization.

You ought to currently start off emotion the force speed.
5. Keep on this kind of meditation work out intended for so long as

while you desire and revel in it. For any much more powerful consequence,

this kind of work out is usually carried out out-of-doors.
Therefore out-of-doors, chances are you’ll sense some sort of tougher speed of one’s since

you may be likewise working with your makes involving I think mother nature.
This really is just a small sample of several other meditation physical exercises

that you can do intended for Reiki do it yourself attunement.
Through undertaking these kinds of physical exercises, you may manage to available your current bears much more towards

the faith based realm in addition to purify your mind, entire body, in addition to heart and soul.
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What Are The Steps To Become A Reiki Master.
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What Are the Steps to Become a Reiki Master?
In order to practice Reiki one must undergo several periods of preparation. This way the
individual will be prepared to receive
and understand the secrets of working
with Ki, the divine force which governs
Usui, the first Reiki master and the one who has established the Reiki healing technique has
receives all the Reiki energy at once, thus being
able to heal himself, the others and at the same
time pass his knowledge of Reiki to his followers.
Similarly, he passed the power to his students at
once. Yet, Dr. Hayashi understood that not all
people who want to learn the principles of Reiki
are prepared to receive all the attunements at
once as they are not able to adapt to the power
that runs through them. This is why he broke
the empowerment procedure into 3 main levels.
At the end of each level the student receives a new attunement or empowerment, all culminating with receiving the attunement of Reiki master
Level one – focuses on preparing the body for
receiving the energy.
During these initial preparations the student
is taught how to attract energy, receive it
inside their bodies and work with it for their
own cleaning. The basic notions of
channeling the energy are also disclosed
in the first degree sessions.
At the end of the preparation period the
student will receive the attunement which
enables them to use Reiki for their own
sake. From then on the students will need
to perform regular sessions to clean
themselves and balance the level of energy
from their bodies.
Level two – it focuses on the others, as the
students will be given lessons about the way
in which they can use energy to heal the
others. The sacred symbols are taught now
and the emphasis lays now more on the
spiritual part of the student rather than on
their physical part (which was the object
of the level one).
At the end of this level, which lasts four times
more than the first one the student should
be able to individuate the part of the body
which needs treatment, will be able to give
proper care to the other people and will be
capable of initiatin both hands-on and at
distance treatment sessions.
Level three – this is the last attunement.
Students who choose to undergo this last level of
learning will be taught how to pass their
knowledge and power to the other people who
want to learn about Reiki.
At the end of the lessons they become Reiki
masters and have the highest rank in the Reiki
hierarchy, but they have also more responsible,
as they are in charge of their lives as well as of
the others’.
Reiki attunementsare valid for life, so even if
you do not use it for a long period you will
still have them and be able to activate your
power when needed.
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Reiki Self Attunement Way To Become Reiki Master.
Posted on May 2, 2013by admin
Reiki Self Attunement – The Best Way To Become a Reiki Master
Reiki self attunement is still quite controversial for some healers. Some healers believe that a healer must receive a

reiki attunement from a competent reiki master, while others believe that reiki self attunement is possible.
Those who believe that it is possible, believe that Dr. Mikao Usui, who is the founder of reiki,
attuned himself during his meditation on Mount Kurama.

This is quite logical, since he was all alone at that time.
Reiki master Judith Conroy believes that Dr Usui went to a quiet place alone, and after a period of fasting and meditating,

he experienced a deep understanding about how a universal force already flowing within him.

Then after a while, he learned how to accessed the energy and used it for healing purpose.
Those who do not believe this concept, believe that Dr. Usui was attuned by a great light come out of the darkness,

hit him in the forehead and gave him reiki. Majority of healers still believe in this concept.
Reiki self attunement made it possible for someone to become a complete reiki master all at one,

without any waiting period, and without different levels.

Some reiki masters under this concept also offering master course in just 48 hours.
Regardless of which way you are going to take, a conservative reiki class with attunement from a master or self attunement,

the most important thing is the energy you are accessing and
channeling. Both methods have been proven to be working.
One must make sure that he or she is doing meditation and healing in Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is the energy of the creation.

This is the energy that The Source uses to create all existence, including the universe, the earth and all of us.

If you practice reiki in Unconditional Love, you can not go wrong.
This is very true whether you received an attunement or you have reiki self attunement.
Reiki is the best and easy way for you to get health naturally, especially if you are a Reiki Master.

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