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The meditations are going great! I find they get better and better as I go along.
 I’m just at the end of week 6. I’ve found that I have to do them before 12 midday so I don’t fall asleep 😀 
It’s also getting easier for me to relax from the beginning of the audios. 
I’m looking forward to finishing them all and then doing them all over again! Meditation is a fine art that will take a while for me to get a hang of 😉 
Your voice is perfect throughout the audios and it actually feels like I’m on little mini-holiday. Haha.

Thank you, DeAnne.

Sue Helpin
16 August 2015
Just over three months ago a friend recommended that I see John Campbell. 
I have a number of Medical Conditions.
I have Osteoporosis of the Spine and Collapsed Vertebrae as well as Multiple Fractures to my lower Spine.
Soft Tissue Zirconia of the Groin: - Cancer.

I had a Cancer Operation three years ago that also left me with brittle bones because of the Cancer Medication. 

The Operation also left me disabled with little movement to my right leg. 

I need a crouch to assist me to walk.

Prior to having a weekly Treatment with John Campbell,

 I was taken 60 Milligram of Morphine Tablets in the morning

 and another Two 30 milligrams of Morphine Tablets during the day. 

60 Milligrams of Morphine during the night to help me sleep.

A Grand Total of 180 Milligrams of Morphine Tablets per day.

The First Treatment with John Campbell.

When I first met John He was very understanding & caring towards my condition.
I was frightened to have John perform a treatment directly on my Back & Spine 

because of the pain & fractures on my Lower Spine. 

John opted for a Treatment he has developed that works on the Spine; 

His Treatments are performed on the front part of my body.


This is done on a massage Table.
The Treatment Taken an Hour and John worked on the whole of the front of my body including

 my Feet & Legs to assist Circulation.

He adjusted my head, neck, and jaw with a very relaxing method John has developed himself. 

In fact, John Campbell has developed the whole of this very effective healing technique himself. 

It has taken him years to perfect these healing methods. 


I could feel everything. 

It felt like John was Drawing the pain out of my body.


Three months later I am down to just 60 milligrams of Morphine a day.
Some days I only have to take 30 Milligram Morphine Tablet in the morning. 

My pain has reduced considerably.

I have seen my doctor last week and he said: 

“My Leg was the best he has ever seen it,

Plus agreed with me that I shouldn’t need a Spinal Operation on my Lower Back

 and to carry on with the treatments with John Campbell”.

I am walking better and less hunched,

 which was also helping with the Osteoporosis of my Spine.


John Also runs a Meditation class once a week that I have also been attending for the last three months.
Prior to these Meditation classes, I was virtually an insomniac because of the pain.

 I cannot sleep lying down and have to sit up to sleep. After an hour of sleep, 

I usually found my back pain so bad I couldn’t sleep at all, 

even Morphine was not helping me sleep.

John has a Formula of Meditations and is all focused on Healing

 the body with the use of our Healing Guides Or Higher Powers.


John had great success in Australia using the same formula of Meditation 

to assist and help Cancer patients while he worked for Cancer Care in Adelaide SA. 

John Calls "This Meditation Therapy".

After the first Meditation,

I couldn’t believe I slept all night. 

Three months later everyone is saying how good I look,

 plus walking much straighter and now I sleep much better, 
normally all night.
I would recommend John Campbell to anyone.
I am a miracle to science.

 Not that many people live longer than a year with my type of Cancer. 

I feel like I will live a lot longer with the help of John Campbell.


I actually met John Campbell when I was at the Adelaide psychic expo.

He was great, and yes, I do believe in self-attunement, very much so,

I have done with other energies, but the one thing others don't do his help you through the courses.
This guy DOES.

His manual seemed comprehensive, he was very kind, and he was just as he appears on TV

(if anyone watched that Wilsy episode where they interviewed him)...

At the moment, I am reading Attune Yourself To Reiki The Cosmology Way

that has been printed in Australia by a man named John Campbell.

He is a wonderful person, who has studied and is now sharing his Self-Attunements to Reiki -

The Cosmology Way.
From what I've read,

I feel there are not many people who feel this is the "right way" to become a Reiki Master.

After reading this manual,

I believe it is the only way.

I spoke with a Reiki Master who charges $1,300 for a Reiki III attunement,

I spoke To This Reiki Master about Attune Yourself To Reiki The Cosmology Way manual.

After speaking with him, he offered to attune me for free.

He said he charged so much because he was a genuine Reiki Master,

who only opened the way for others to be able to do Reiki.
He himself knew of other Masters who passed emotional baggage to their students

as well as other notions that were not their own.

This turned me off having another attunement done by someone else.

Our healing professions are becoming astronomical in cost!.

Attune Yourself To Reiki Is The Only way I would Go...

Hi John, Some feedback on the therapy -

I definitely straight away felt that I was better aligned and felt much better around my hips

and the lower back/sacral area in particular.

As soon as I started walking after I left yours I was even more aware of how I have been overcompensating

on my left-hand side to avoid putting pressure on my right foot and could feel my left hip complaining

after being made to feel comfortable.
Also, I am acting as a case study for my friend who's training as a reflexologist

and when she worked on me yesterday there were no signs in my feet of the hip and groin issues

that had been quite notable in all of my previous sessions,

and neck and shoulder stuff were lessened too after my therapy with you.

I had my MRI scan on my right foot yesterday (which made me feel really out of sorts afterward!)

and had been purposefully not wearing my ankle strap or insoles in the hope that the injury

or the problem at its worst would be detected.

From now on though I am going to do my best to heal that problem.

I felt looser any relaxed around my neck and shoulders and jaw after the treatment

too and overall felt you had released a lot of tension and energy blocks.

So thank you!



Hello, John,

I hope all is well with you. I read and followed (if that is the right way to describe it) your

'How to Attune Yourself to Reiki the Cosmology Way'

seven or eight years ago and re-read it again from time to time.

You have done a fantastic job opening Reiki up to so many of us as a result.

I am a homeopath and coach and have used Reiki alongside my other healing practices to great effect -

for which I'd like to thank you.

My experiences have been quite varied -

I tend to feel things through my hands as I am using Reiki. For instance,

I once felt a sharp pain like knives over the heart chakra of a client -

so painful that initially, I had to hold my hands over a foot above her body,

gradually lessening over time. After the session, I asked if she had ever had issues with her heart and she told me about what could only be described as heartbreak.


I can often feel the site of past injury.

I know several Reiki practitioners,

all taught the usual hand down/ initiation route,

yet none feel things this way.

So, not only does your method work,

but it works exceptionally well (at least for me).

Thank you.

I would also like to say thank you for the grounding technique you describe in your book.

I use it myself and have taught it to many other people who have found it helpful.

I taught it once in a group, rather like a guided meditation,

and the results were amazing with tears shed,

energy clearing and people who claimed never to have been able to engage in meditative practice before,

saying they had felt totally in that moment and very different afterward.

So thank you for that too.
With very best wishes Sue.



Hi Everyone

I completed the manual about 4 weeks ago.

With four sons and busy life,

I found that doing the attunements when I had some peace seemed to make it very intense.

Since completing the manual,

I have noticed many changes not only within myself but also with events and occurrences happening around me.

It has been a truly beautiful and wonderful experience that is continuing each and every day.

Light & Love.



Dear John

I am contacting you in the hope that you would be able to assist me.

I do intuitive readings for people (not psychic)

and I felt that I wanted to bring in the healing via the body through the use of Reiki.

I did a lot of self -help reading the material and then I came across your youtube channel relating to Reiki

(i was instantly taken).

I spent hours watching your videos,

practicing and implementing what you taught on friends and family members.

Newspaper Dorset UK

"For a number of years,

 I had been bothered by back and arthritic hip pain. 

Then the pain became acute.

Doctors offered only surgery or heavy painkillers. 

I was referred by an acquaintance to John Campbell. 

After a series of adjustments,

 I experienced immediate relief and have continued to improve."

I've read many books on Reiki.

I've been attuned for Reiki I & II for around 6 years now.

To be honest,

I never took the final step to become a Reiki Master for two reasons

… One: The fee is astronomical.
Two: With my Reiki, I attunements,

the woman who attuned me also passed some of her own "problems" to me.

As a Reiki teacher, I have come across three different histories on Reiki,

and each one is very different from the other and quite irrelevant.

Reiki Masters seem to get caught up in Heritage format as if that will make them a better healer

if someone teaches them with an accredited bloodline,

or is a far removed distant cousin to Takata.

Some Reiki Masters seem to value their knowledge by the amount of money

they have spent on acquiring their Reiki healing technique.

The understanding,

that if I pay more money than you do,

I must know more than you:-

Reiki Covers Universal Laws.
Law One: The Universal Law of Intention.
We are all supreme and divine.

Spiritually we are all equal.

We have the freedom of choice and free will to live this life as we choose.

We have the divine right to create our own Univers with the use of our thoughts and feelings.
When we state our intention to heal another person,

we align ourselves with the energy of the Universe and the energy of the Highest Guides of the light.
We come from love and when we die we go to love.

As we experience life we source love.

The purpose of the Highest Guides of the light is to take us to love through life.
-John Campbell:-

These are two very small paragraphs from the manual.

His words struck a chord within me.

Reiki is meant to be Universal healing,

and it is true that people are taking advantage of attuning people

when all they're doing is opening the channel for the person.

They're not (well, not meant to be..)

passing on any energy or ideas of their own.

Hi. I am very new to this and very excited about Reiki.
I have always felt I have the feeling of being able to emit energy but never knew how or to what purpose.

After being told about Reiki from a daughter of a master in England,

I got very excited to think that maybe I could help others.

I have been reading and reading everything I can get my hands on,

and even was attuned over the internet by a person in the UK - I think ????

I can't wait to get started !!!! The only class I could find in the area was December 13th

which is not that far away,

but I'm like a little kid with a new found treasure!
I would like info on your manual for self-attunement.
Thanks so much...

Today is a gift! What you do with that gift is up to you!!