Who Are The Gods Of Past?


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The Knights Templar built Roslyn Chapel in 1446; the Templar order suffered in oppression throughout Europe after the uprising in France in 1307 and settled in Scotland. The king of France laid siege on Friday the thirteenth (this day was known as Black Friday); the Knights Templar order and most of the prominent people were imprisoned tortured and killed.

To harbor, a member of the fugitive Knights Templar during the time of persecution in Europe would mean ex-communication by the Roman Catholic Church. Lands owned by knights Templar were confiscated, those seen practicing their religion were killed.

The Knights Templar later became the Freemasons of today.

Stories of the Knights Templar associate them to the Arc of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Shroud of Turin and the spear that entered the side of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion as well as excavating the temple of Solomon during the Crusades.

Roslyn Chapel still holds a lot of mystery today in the beautiful surroundings of Roslyn near Edinburgh…

On a cold November day, I was warming myself in the Museum of Roslyn Chapel, a small card caught my eye that depicted various symbols. The symbols looked very similar to the symbols of the Dream Key.

I have spent the last few years learning to decipher the power of the symbols of Rosslyn Chapel, Dunkeld Cathedral, Melrose Abbey and Glasgow Cathedral,

Each church or chapel was given a set of marks or symbols.

Each symbol corresponds to a position on the human body and is a formidable healing technique.

These symbols have their own power hidden within their form and shape; the symbols have the ability to create change in one’s life. Templar symbols are designed to work with other symbols that, combined, create dynamic life-changing results. I have given names to the symbols of the Knights Templar. The original name of the symbol may have been lost through the ages. The original name of the symbols is irrelevant; it is the intention behind the symbol that is important. I have attuned myself to each symbol and allowed each symbol to show me the healing power and vibration name behind its sacred image.

I have given each symbol the name and purpose that presented itself to me. There is a configuration of symbols to bring about the desired result in healing. It is not necessary to attune to each symbol once you have attuned your vibration to the Dream Key. The Dream Key will reveal the power of each symbol in its own unique way.

I will attune you to the Dream Key symbols through stories that will serve as a key to open the subconscious mind.

The symbols of Knights Templar will attune themselves to your vibration as you go through the process of learning how to heal with the symbols.

The symbols of Knights Templar were brought from the Temple of Solomon by the Knights Templars during the crusades. It is said that is how the name of the order originated.

Templar symbols all have origin from the same place, Solomon’s Templars.



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