The Dream Key symbols correlate to trigger points or pulse points on the physical body.

To create the positive effects, with Dream Key healing you must first align yourself to the positive energy of the Eternal Spirit.

The question has to be asked, “What is the Eternal Spirit”?

The Eternal Spirit light is the eternal flame of love that flows through us all.

The light of God is within us all and this will take us back to God.

In the beginning of mans’ reign on Earth, God gave each man a name never to be forgotten. Each human was designated seven-Spirit Guides to help him or her on the journey back to the light of God.

The journey would be immense and God knew the challenge of each human. God aligned the Spirit Guides to a specific part of the body.

The hips and reproductive Centre is the reign of the Goddess.

God gave man feelings so he could feel the Goddess energy inside of him.

The Goddess’s specific purpose is to hold the Divine Spirit on Earth with love. Whatever the Divine Spirit loves on the planet, children, family, their work, whatever they love on Earth will come through the Goddess.

The intestines and colon and digestive system are the reigns of the Spirit Totems whose divine guidance is to defend the love of the Eternal Spirit.

God gave man animals to help him on the journey and this would be the creature self or Spirit Totems.

The Spirit Totems are our instincts and protect us as well as defend our love.

The heart, lungs, and cleansing system, liver, kidneys, are the reign of the Divine Prophets; Jesus Christ, Buddha, and all great prophets are connected to these areas of the body.

The prophets expressed great love from the heart to the masses, the people at the time of their existence. The prophets knew that the environment was a reflection of them. All they had to do was love the mirror image of all of the people in the world, which also includes everything on the planet and the Universe. The prophets of old know that to be in conflict with others is to be in conflict with oneself.

The throat, shoulders, neck, and arms are the realm of the Angels.

In the beginning, God gave us the power to communicate with God through the angel realms.

The angels will communicate the power of the word back to God.

Whatever we say is generated to the environment and communicated back to God to create the experience of life and take us back to God.

The Universe was created through light. In the beginning, there was only light and through the power of the word, God created the Universe.

In the time before solid matter there only existed particles and matter. In this element, he designed the angels of light.

He created seven levels of which the cosmos was created. He created the Earth and the planets and designated each planet as an angel, which has a planetary effect on human behavior.

The head, eyes, ears, glands, and body are the reign of the Inner Healer.

The head or Spiritual Temple is our connection to the environment through the use of our thoughts and feelings. These thoughts create how we will react towards the environment, creating the experience of life. If we think negative thoughts we behave negatively toward others in the environment.

The Spiritual Temple is connected to the Inner Healer and we can heal our body, life, and emotions with the use of our thoughts.

Ask the Inner Healer to create positive situations in your life and he will have to create healing in your life. He is connected to the Cosmic Forces that encompass all living things and is connected to the Cosmic Forces to bring change within the Cosmos through you, with the use of your thoughts and perceptions.

Positive health and the feeling of wellness is the realm of the Highest Guides of Universal light. They have Ascended Masters that once lived upon the planet and are specifically designed to help you on the journey of life. They are guides that will help bring positive love into one’s life and are the closest to God. They are enlightened humans that can assist in enlightenment to bring each individual closer to the God-self.

Each spirit guide is to help each human on his or her personal journey and to climb the mountain of life. The symbol that was given is the pyramid.

Place yourself in a comfortable position as you read through the passage.


The young man stands in the small village where he lives, the forest and mountains cover the landscape. There are many stories linked to the forest and few have ventured through it and returned to tell the tale.

The young man was different from the rest of the townspeople because he didn’t wish to harm others or go to war. He was interested in the healing arts, found himself ostracized from the town from a very early age. People found it intimidating and strange that a man could be interested in the stars and wandered through the streams and rivers listening to them as if he could hear the water speak as he journeyed to his work as a metalsmith.

Later that year there was a great catastrophe that came to the town. The harvest was poor and many people died of poor health. The way of man is to look for someone to blame apart from his or her own demise of planting grain too late in the year.

The young man was blamed by the townspeople folk for casting a spell upon them and bringing bad luck to the town. So is the way of suppression.

The young man fled into the forest to save his life knowing that no one has ever returned to tell the tale. For days and days, he walked through the trees. Soon he could hear voices not far off. He could see the people of the town laughing at his demise of having to leave the village. He realized that he could have been the only one to find his way back to the village. People shouted that they would never see him again, and he would not dare come back to the town if he knew what was good for him.

The young gentleman decided to hide in the forest and live a few miles away from the village. This way he could use the services of the village at night when no one was around and build his own home in the solitude of the village. He knew this would be dangerous because if he was discovered the villagers would kill him, but thought that they were afraid of the forest and wouldn’t dare venture into its dense darkness. After a few days, the young man found a clearing in the forest that was an ideal location to build his house. The night earlier he borrowed a few tools from the village and built his house out of the trees and long grass that were abundant in the area.

Soon he felt lonely, as the only company that he had were the forest animals and trees. The wind howled through the trees, the noises at night were frightening and he often saw wolves and bears searching for food.

The first few years of isolation were hard, and then he learned to listen to the forest. The different sounds that the animals made meant different things-shrieks for danger and songs for love. He learned to listen to the animals, within a few years understood the way of the wind, Earth, water, and the animals. The young man was in harmony with all that surrounded him.

After twenty years he ventured out from the forest as the man named Merlin, the wizard who could create magic with his mind.

Merlin the wizard could see the future and manifest great wisdom.

The wizard is within us all, we all have the ability to manifest with the use of our thoughts and feeling by listening to our surroundings.

Merlin was in tune with the spirit of the forest and this helped him to overcome his insecurity. Merlin climbed his own personal mountain of non-acceptance and persecution by simply being himself. This is where the magic lives.

The symbol of the Merlin is the pyramid. He has climbed the mountain and knows the way for you to reach the pinnacle of your success.


And the physical body.

This symbol is located three to four fingers above the belly button and covers the level of self-empowerment.

Listen to the Divine Spirit and ask for a positive direction as you move through life with love.

Draw the symbol three to four fingers above your belly button.