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I am a Medium Trance Channel and have had the pleasure of working with my guides & angels for over twenty years.
It hasn’t always been a bed of roses. The Guides are hard taskmasters and some times have been deprived of food for weeks on end.

Certainly watching TV or other forms of entertainment hasn’t come into my reality for years while researching healing methods and psychic development techniques with my guides. I give this information to you the reader so you may experience life without the hardship of having to experience starvation, plus more than difficult time periods. I have had lots of information given to me by extra-terrestrial life forms and had met more than once in this time period. These encounters will be another book. For now, I am just passing the information onto you the reader.
I have personally predicted lottery winners and helped thousands of people while performing healings and psychic readings throughout the world. I am also a Demonologist and hold regular rituals to help enforce positivity into my life experience.

I am the author of a successful book called Attune yourself to Reiki the Cosmology Way. This book has sold in its thousands and currently translated and sold in Korea, as well as the rest of the world. This book was the first manual to specifically express that you could attune yourself to the healing power of Reiki as far back as 2002. Published in 2004.

Originally from an industrial Electrical background, I was the one who wrote the first Published article in 2002 combining all hands-on therapies with the Human Electrical System. This is currently thought of as common knowledge and taught throughout the world. I also gave Reiki Healing its first formula of healing and how it works on the Human Body, as well as an everyday account of how the Human Chakra system works on the Human Body. Prior to this article, there was little or no information given on how Reiki or any other hands-on healing methods works on the physical body and linked all healing therapies together.
Even today more Traditional Reiki Teachers still teach Reiki goes to where it’s needed without little thought of how Reiki actually works on the human body. I am a Medium Trance-Channel with insight into Healing and have Psychic Abilities, as well as a Teacher of traditional healing Therapies. I also teach Psychic Development Techniques. I have worked as a College Lecturer, Reiki Master. Appeared on TV Radio Magazine, Newspapers. I have done Psychic shows around the world. I have developed my own form of healing methods. Cosmology Healing Method set into eight courses to align the mind to Higher healing Powers.

I have taught thousands of people worldwide in my form of healing techniques. I have also developed Spinal alignment techniques that help realign the Human Skeletal System.

To all the great teachers & guides that helped me write this book. Thank you.

Attune yourself to Angels & Guides.


This book is specifically designed to unlock the love inside of you and transform your life forever. Simply loving oneself can seem the most difficult thing to accomplish in one’s lifetime, especially after suffering from the loss of a loved one or suffering from depression.

When we are born we understand love unconditionally, as we grow we look to others to install the love that we need to see us throughout life.
The environment, which we live in, normally governs how our personalities are formed. It’s an unfortunate truth that all humans are not perfect and this includes our parents who have such a dominant effect on us. Attune to angels & guides uses stories that have hidden keys within them that are designed to release negativity and enforce a positive healing intent within the foundation of the self.
As you read through the pages of this book you will attune to angels & guides symbols that are linked to the Dream key. The Dream key symbols are a set of seven symbols designed to align your Angels & Guides to your vibration and raise your perception of life and promote a more loving and happy lifestyle.

This book is a book of healing that explains how the human chakra system is directly associated with our guides in relation to the human vibration system. The human vibration system is our electrical circuit. The human vibration system is similar to a magnet that will attract what we think into our lives. Just like a genie lamp, we get what we wish for with the use of our thoughts. Sometimes we just wish for the wrong things. We manifest into our lives people and situations that make us feel worthless and alone. You have great power within you and are truly more than you think you are.


Guides & angles are higher evolved energies that are created to assist us to reach Universal consciousness, which is the love of oneself. We are all created with the power of God within us. God is love absolute. This may sound a little presumptuous but a love of oneself is a lifelong relationship. We are more than we think we are, and to lift the veil to our guidance can only benefit our lives. Humans have many different aspects of guidance to assist us throughout our lives, each with its own qualities and gifts.
How can guides help us in reality?


Goddess energy will assist to strengthen personal love and desires.
– Negative beliefs; others may seem to dominate us and create a belief that we need to be abused.

Spirit Totem energy will assist in defending your personal love and desires
-Negative beliefs; others may bully us and make us feel worthless

Inner Wizard energy is the divine love of personal self and acceptance.
– Negative beliefs; others make us feel low self-esteem and disrespectful, destructive.

Divine energy will assist in forgiveness and mercy of your actions
– Negative beliefs; others have hurt us so we have hurt others and feel regretful.

Angel energy will assist in creating the experience of love and mercy
-Negative beliefs; others have made us speak negatively of others

Inner Healer energy will assist in creating the perception of love and acceptance
-Negative beliefs; others have made us think negative thoughts of ourselves

Cosmic Forces energy will assist to create abundance and fortune
– Negative beliefs; others have made us feel unworthy of living with money

The highest guide energy will assist oneself in personal love and desires.
– Negative beliefs; others have made us feel unworthy of love.

The same God that created the Universe, created you. You are universal with a Universal mind. We all have the freedom of choice and free will and once you have completed this book your guides will be in full flow to change your life for the better whether you believe in guides or not.

Humans have hundreds of guides that are responsible for taking care of us, as we go through life. We can access these guides by following the seven steps to enlightenment. The more that you practice these techniques the more you will develop and heal your life.

You cannot use this knowledge to hurt anyone, as these are guides of the light; however, you can manifest anything that is positive that is within your power, with these guides.
This is the way of the Wizard, and we all have an Inner Wizard. We all have a Goddess and we all have a God. This is not a book on Religious Education; this book is a working manual that will help you access the true potential that is within you and discover God within yourself.


Each guide is as important as the other and an intricate part of the vibration system. Each guide is responsible for you as is explained in the seven steps of enlightenment…
The human vibration system is very similar to a very powerful magnet. What we think attracts to us;; to attune to the symbols of the Dream Key will bring through a self-healing process through enlightenment.
Enlightenment is overcoming the problems we face in life with the use of our thoughts and actions in a positive way.

I will take the reader on a journey of self-discovery that will gently bring you into an understanding of who and what you are as a person by understanding the human condition and the effects this has on others.
Some passages may appear twice to double the effect on the subconscious; after all, this is a book of transformation.
We all have a universal consciousness that has the ability to channel the unconditional love that we have been looking for from others throughout life. Our lives are a reflection of our past experiences, you have believed in yourself to get you this far in life. What do you need to change your life? The only prerequisite to achieving great success in your life is to have the ability to think and follow the exercises; in this book to change your life for the better within seven days.

All I ask is that you leave the changes to your life to the Highest Guides of Light. This book explains very easily how the environment affects our health in relation to the human spinal column and nervous system and creates the effects of ill health.

The human body is also connected to three levels of life, which is called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life affects us on a karmic and physical level journey and this affects us in our daily lives.

The environment conditions us all, and the environments affect our health. All we desire as human beings are to be loved for who and what we are unconditional; if others reject us in the environment it affects us in more ways than one. If we are praised the environment, nourishes us. If we are neglected or scolded by the environment, the environment starves us.

For example, Contentment comes from accepting the environment as it is, if you are not content, you have to ask yourself why. Understand that the reason why you are not content is born from a desire to better oneself in the environment. However, you must first look at what you need to change within yourself first.

This book is designed to help us look within ourselves so we can become more content and harmonious with the environment.
The keys to the universe are locked within each and every one of us. We are all an intricate part of the Cosmos that flows through the Universe a million miles an hour revolving around a star, which is the Sun.
As we live out our lives, we all have a duty to give each other as much love as possible. If you use love to control the environment, the environment cannot control you. You have the freedom of choice and free will to live your life as you please; for example, it is an unfortunate part of life that we all have to face confrontation in our lives. Let us say that you are confronted by a very aggressive situation; you have the choice to react aggressively or control yourself without interference. Even if the person using aggression stares you in the face and screams high hell, you still have the choice to react to the situation. If you defend yourself with love to others you are responding correctly. You have the choice to act either with aggression or calm cool; you always have the choice which way you react to others in the environment and control the situation

You hold the key to your perceptions and how you wish to create the environment that you live in. It’s not a matter of allowing the People of the world to walk over you. It’s a matter of controlling your emotions and allowing the aggression to pass through. This is using a non-resistant attitude towards others who want to domineer us by using fear as their way of getting their own way. Using love and non-resistance as your defense will conquer any form of aggression.

Life is a university of lessons and once you have read this book, you will graduate knowing who and what you are as a person as your guides will associate themselves with your vibration. This will come in the form of infinite love and wisdom, helping you to overcome obstacles and make your life more successful.

The Dream key symbols help decipher other symbols, specifically Mason Marks. These symbols originate from the Knights Templar and there is a whole section dedicated to these symbols for those that wish to heal themselves or others with these symbols. To heal others is to heal thy self.
This book also covers the symbols of Roslyn Chapel, Glasgow Cathedral, Dunkeld Cathedral, and Melrose Chapel, which are very early symbols that go back to the time of the Knights Templar.
The symbols of Knights Templar are a set of hands-on healing positions designed to connect through the human chakra system and release negativity. Each symbol has its own powerful quality. However, if these symbols are combined with other symbols, they create a dynamic new healing technique that has infinite possibilities.



In the year 1999, I had a dream of seven symbols. The symbols were engraved onto a stone pillar, which was in the center of a tomb.
It was as if they had sat there undisturbed for thousands of years.

The time is now for these symbols to be revealed to the world.

The symbols were very basic and looked as if they had only been engraved yesterday. These symbols are dynamic healing symbols that have the ability to attract your highest guides on seven vibration levels as well as correspond to the human body and form a formidable healing technique. These symbols, which I have termed the “Dream Key”, are the core element of my healing technique and I will use visualization techniques and illustrations to help you to attune yourself to the symbols.

I will take you on a journey, which is a reality and not a figment of the imagination. Even I found it hard to comprehend that symbols heal the human body, but they do.
We use symbols every day of our lives. When we drive a car we stop at red traffic lights. The question has to be asked, “How do symbols work during a treatment”?
Humans have the ability to give more than one hundred percent in any action that we wish to perform. We reduce our potential through stress and worry.
We all have the ability to heal with our hands, to stress and worry about the treatment can reduce our healing performance, for the client and ourselves.
Every symbol has its own structure and purpose. Each symbol that we use throughout life means one thing or another.


To use symbols during healing is to simply focus on the symbol and allow the symbol to perform its duty or intention. Humans think on a
Continuous basis, to simply focus on a symbol is easier than to worry about whether the treatment is taking place.

I have also used symbols to teach healing techniques because symbols are easier to remember than a configuration of hand positions that flow over the human body to perform a treatment.
Symbols have been used throughout the history of mankind; we can immediately recognize a symbol easier than any other form of communication, once the symbol is learned. For example, every country has its own flag, emblem, or symbol;

The Dream Key.