And the physical body

The Dream Key symbols correlate to trigger points or pulse points on the physical body.

To create the positive effects, with Dream Key healing you must first align yourself to the positive energy of the Spirit Totems.

The symbol of the Spirit Totems is associated with our instinctive nature and creature self.

The question has to be asked, “What are the Spirit Totems?”

The Spirit Totems are our instincts and are directly associated with how we react to fight and flight situations. This is used through phrases like, to have the eyes of an eagle or the strength of a bear, the heart of a lion, etc.

In Shamanistic rituals, the Shaman will endeavor to take on the physical form of the animal to access its strength for ritualistic purposes.

We all have Spirit Totems and they defend us in times of need.

Their specific duty is to defend us on our path, as is the duty of all guides; however, the Spirit Totem can interfere in our lives without the need to ask for their help because the Spirit Totems are directly connected to our instincts and innermost feelings. We have all experienced the Spirit Totems at times when we talk in defense or in arguments with others, we say words like “I didn’t mean to say that, or it wasn’t me, who said those words”. Nine times out of ten this is during a stressful situation and the Spirit Totems are clearly not happy with the way another person is treating us.

Another way that the Spirit Totems talk to us is through our gut feelings. If the situation is negative and destructive to our personal well -being the Spirit Totems will react in our stomachs. Listen to your gut instincts; it’s the Spirit Totems trying to talk to you. If the environment feels wrong, normally it is wrong for us.

Once the energy of the Spirit Totem is released it can give humans the ability of superhuman strength for short periods of time.

People have witnessed mothers lifting motor vehicles away from their children after an accident. The Spirit Totems defend everyone through their instinctive reaction to stress or trauma and violent situations that one may encounter throughout life.

Place yourself in a comfortable position as you read through the passage.


The trees stood tall in the forest. The winds came and many trees were lost, but the strong still stand. This is the story of the willow tree. The willow tree lives by the bend in the river; behind the tree there is a large cave in the cliff face. Many times the river has risen in the tree’s lifetime and the tree has survived.

This time the tree can feel the river beginning to rise once more.

Many times has the tree felt the vibration from miles away and heard the trees crumple and fall as the river has taken its toll of destruction.

As the river raised the tree could feel the dampness as the river began to saturate the landscape. He could hear the cries for help as the uprooted trees flowed down the river to end their days.

The tree knew his roots were solid and comforted himself in his strength that he would survive the flood.

A few hours later the river ran higher than it had ever done before.

The water was nearly up to the top of the tree. The tree knew that if the river came up another few inches he wouldn’t be able to stand the strain and would be lost with the others.

Soon he could hear a sound that he had never heard before. It was the sound of the water as it echoed down the cave mouth.

For days and days, the water rushed passed the tree, for days and days the water flowed down the mouth of the cave. The water never seemed to rise as it roared down the mouth of the cave.

After a week of flooding, the water level began to decrease and within a few days, the water level returned to look as it did before.

The bend in the river was taking form and the land was once again starting to reappear as it was.

Noises came from the cave, voices at first, then movement. Creatures began to emerge from the cave, creatures of the Earth that never appear on the surface unless provoked by outside circumstances. The river had flooded their home and they had to wait until the water level dropped to return to their home in the cave deep in the Earth. The creatures didn’t look like anything the tree had seen before, they were half creatures, half lion and eagle, an elephant with a cow’s body.

The tree asked the first creature what it was and it said “I am a lionsight”, and went on further to explain that they are the creatures of the earth and the instincts of the planet. “Only when the planet faces imminent dangers will we appear on the surface of the Earth to defend the planet.

I have the heart of the lion and the sight of the eagle to see things from a distance and have the quality of foresight, to see things before they happen”. The tree asked what would happen to him, as the river had exposed half of his roots. The lionsight said that he must shake off all of his leaves so they now fall to the ground. As the willow did so, all of the other trees released their leaves and soon the forest was covered in leaves.

The tree asked what the next animal’s name was, and it said “it was a cowelephant”; the cow elephant said that it would eat the leaves and fertilize the land.

After the flood the cowelephant ate all of the leaves, leaving huge piles of fertilizers to replenish the soil. “My purpose is to bring fertility to the land.” Soon new shoots appeared where the trees had washed away and new trees began to grow.

The tree asked if there were any other creatures like them on the planet and the creatures explained that there are hundreds living throughout the planet helping to bring balance and fertility to the planet.

“Humans have Spirit Totems and unlike the tree, we are not fixed to the ground by roots. The roots, which humans create, are held by love. When they are faced with a flood, they unleash the creature’s self and endeavor to heal their environment. Only when they feel fear or need to run, will they ask for our help. Unlike the tree, they don’t listen to their Spirit Totems and follow their instincts by listening to their feelings. Only when the flood has entered the cave will the Spirit Totems emerge in humans, and give them the foresight and strength they need, and only the ability to fertilize the land and make it grow once more. Only when they are in fear will they open the door to the cave and let us out.”

The symbol of the Spirit Totems is the symbol of growth.

The cave is the symbol of instinct and reaction.