The Dream Key symbols correlate to trigger points or pulse points on the physical body.

To create the positive effects, with Dream Key healing you must first align yourself to the positive energy of the Christ light. The energy of Christ is for all that desire its power of forgiveness. To channel the energy of Christ is not difficult. There are millions of Christians and devotees to healing others channeling the energy of Christ. The Christ light energy cannot be owned by anyone nor can it be trademarked, or franchised so others cannot use it. It is for all that seek its power, and the simple fact that you have picked up this book has stated that you are ready to behold the power of forgiveness through the energy of the Christ to others and yourself.

The Universe has given us prophets and enlightened ones since the beginning of time. It is each human’s purpose to better themselves for the sake of humanity. The Buddha, Christ, Moses, and thousands of prophets have lived upon the Earth.

The book called “an invitation, quote from Revelations, The Wisdom of Ages” has a revelation that channels the words of Christ. This is not new. There are a number of books published were people have channeled communication with Jesus Christ. A course in Miracles is a good example. To channel the energy of Jesus Christ is open to all that desire to hear the internal words of love, this section is totally dedicated to aligning the energy of Jesus Christ to the human vibration system.

In 1927 in an extraordinary series entitled life and teachings of the masters of the Far East “Spiritual Explorer”

Baird T Spalding described how he and his fellow travelers crossed the Gobi desert to seek the counsel of the hidden masters.

Spalding claimed that during their expedition, he and his party were privileged to enjoy several psychic encounters with the spirit of Jesus, who spoke of himself as having been an incarnation of the Christ spirit.

The history of Christ did not begin with my birth,” he is reputed to have told them. Neither did it end with the crucifixion. Christ was born when God created man in his own image and likeness. The Christ and that man are one; all men and that man are one… that Christ means more than the mangoes without contradiction.

Had I not perceived this I could not have brought forth the Christ when I said “I am the Christ the only begotten son of God”. I did not declare this for myself alone, for had I done this I could not have become the Christ, in order to bring forth the Christ, I, as well as all others, must declare it; then must live the life, and the Christ must appear… there are a great many of us joined together to help the world and this is our life work. There have been times when it has taken our combined energies to ward off the evil thoughts; of doubt and disbelief and superstition that has nearly engulfed mankind. You may call them evil forces if you wish. We know that they are evil only as man makes them so.

Place yourself in a comfortable position as you read through the passage.

The Messiah story

One day Jesus asked the question, “How does one live the life of the Messiah or Christ?” He knew the question would have to be answered.

Jesus began to feel separate from the world. People that he knew started to act strangely around him. It was as if they were indifferent to him and didn’t accept him as he was.

Jesus knew that if he were to be the Messiah he would have to live life. Jesus thought of how different life would be as a reincarnated Messiah.

Jesus wandered off into the desert and searched for the Messiah that was within him.

He knew that it was going to be difficult and the journey could possibly mean his death.

Jesus pondered and sensed the fear of the unknown; he searched his feelings and decided that the fear was only the fear of what could happen, he knew the Messiah was powerful energy and realized that he would have to overcome his fear.

The Messiah works from love, which is the most powerful energy in the Universe, and to reach the Messiah he would have to face his fear. He knew the ways of man and the human condition; he had witnessed pain and torture throughout his life and the power that fear can gain. Jesus knew that the power of love was stronger and searched within himself. Jesus listened to the sounds of the Desert, he focused upon his breath, and he could feel the subtle difference of each breath as the airflow in and out of his lungs. He could hear his heartbeat and listened to the rhythm of his heart.

Jesus felt a little insecure and wondered if the Messiah would come.

Each day he listened to his breath and heartbeat.

Then the fear came through and said that “if you are the Messiah you will have great powers, why don’t you change the water into wine”. Jesus knew that the energy of the Messiah was not flowing through him as he sat and listened to his fear.

Jesus knew that if he was to use his own energy to change water into wine it would be a fruitless attempt and wouldn’t work, creating more fear and doubt within him. Jesus refrained and kept on listening to the sounds of the desert. Jesus sat and wondered if the Messiah would come.

After two weeks of listening to the Earth, Jesus imagined flowing into a stream of red flame”, Jesus asked “if the light would accept his love”, knowing that fear could not answer or accept his love; Jesus heard an inner voice say“ yes I accept your love” Jesus asked the inner voice if it was the voice of the Messiah, the inner voice said, “that it was the voice of an angel and his name is Gabriel, he is to take Jesus to the Messiah”. Jesus immediately thought of flowing into a river of red fire. He sensed that this was not hot, but cold. He felt as if he was rising up even though he was aware that he was still sitting on the desert sand. He rose higher and higher until the red river changed into white light. At this point, he heard another inner voice say “my name is Ezekiel. I will take you to the Messiah”. Jesus asked if Ezekiel would accept his love, Ezekiel answered, “yes, I am love.” Jesus felt as if he was rising higher and higher through the white light, each breath felt painful as he breathed deeper and deeper than he ever breathed before. He then felt the light of the Messiah flow through him. Jesus began to feel the deep breathing start to become less painful and become more relaxed. The Messiah said that “Jesus has now created a channel to the Messiah. to call upon the Messiah and raise his energy to him will bring the Messiah to Jesus”. Jesus opened his eyes. He was elated and virtually euphoric that he had attained what he set out for; Jesus had made contact with the energy of the Messiah.

The next day Jesus closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the desert. He thought of the red river and flowed through this level with ease, he felt the white light as he flowed through the energy of love and the energy of Ezekiel, Jesus heard the voice of the Messiah. Jesus asked “what shall I do to be the Messiah’? The energy of the Messiah said that all Jesus has to do is ask and raise his energy into him and he will come. Jesus asked, “What is the purpose of the Messiah”? “To heal with light that is love. To channel my energy will bring healing to the world. To think of my energy flowing through you to the sick will release their pain and fear and heal with astounding results. But first, you must sit with me and allow me to heal you”.

Jesus sat with the Messiah for seven days, listening to him and feeling the energy of love increase within him. After forty days and nights, he returned to civilization. He was victorious in his quest to invoke the Messiah and the symbol is the inverted pyramid.

The environment is a reflection of our own beliefs of who we think we are as a person. Through the environment we learn lessons in life, to be the true person, or Divine Self we must see the environment as a reflection of us. The world is a mirror of who we are. As we develop into our true selves the environment will reflect our true selves back at us to show who we are as a person.

Sit in a comfortable position, either close your eyes or focus on the light of a candle.

Listen to the sounds around you and focus on your breath, feel each breath as it flows through your lungs, feel the difference in each breath.

Ask the question “How do I become the Messiah?”

Think of a river of red flame flowing all around you. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings as you go through this process. Feel the fear as it is released from your body. Listen to your inner voice.

Call upon Gabriel to help you. When you hear or feel the inner voice saying a “Yes, I am Gabriel” ask if he accepts your love. The inner voice must answer, “yes”, if there is no reply, keep on focusing on the river of fire. Once you have an answer of “yes I will accept your love”, ask your desire to be one with the Messiah, feel the river of fire lift you into the light. Call upon Ezekiel to help you. Once contact has been established, ask if Ezekiel will accept your love, he must answer, “yes”, if he doesn’t answer, keep focusing in the light. Once contact has been made, call upon Ezekiel to take you to the Messiah. Feel the energy of the Messiah become one with you as he releases the fear from your body.

We are all children of God and worthy of his love.

Invocation to attune to the symbol of Christ Light.

and the physical body.

This symbol flows over the chest and covers the respiratory system as well as the hips and the lower intestine.

Listen to the prophet and ask for a positive direction as you move through life with love.

Draw the symbol over your chest. Place your fingers on the position of the body where the points start and