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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi John, 

Had a wonderful experience yesterday. John is an Excellent Clairvoyant and Great Teacher. He is able to give me very accurate information and very professional. John gave me a lot of his time which I,m grateful for. His advice and guidance will help me to my next level. Thank you John for your patience. Michelle.

Hello, John,

Attune Yourself To Reiki The Cosmology Way that has been printed in Australia by a man named John Campbell. He is a wonderful person, who has studied and is now sharing his Attainments to Reik. From what I’ve read, I feel there are not many people who feel this is the “right way” to become a Reiki Master. After reading this manual, I believe it is the only way…

I am so grateful that I literally stumbled onto your website. It was truly sent to me through the divine universe. As so much lately this has been happening with me. I seem to be on a journey lately and incorporating more and more healing and spiritual practices into my life. I’m doing daily kundalini yoga practice and meditation as well. I have read your entire book this week and just did the self attunement today. I’ve watched all of your videos as well. I have several loved ones in my life that I wish to provide healing for. Some would be distant healing as they aren’t aware that I am providing them healing.I practiced the distance healing on them today with both the photograph method and the visualization. As it was my first time, I wasn’t really seeing the symbols floating between me and their visualization or image yet, so I just drew all of the symbols instead of their image. I’m confident that with practice and becoming more familiar with the symbols, that this will come. Please continue your work in sharing your gift and knowledge with those like myself. Truly I feel you must have very good karma for doing this. In going through your website and Facebook, I would be interested as well in an online tarot card reading with you. I feel it might help me in determining what direction I should be going with my life. Covid and the closing (for now) of my travel and tour business have opened me up to explore new possibilities and passions that I feel I should follow. I look forward to hearing from you to book a session and I will continue my practice of reiki so that I can also help to heal the people close to me and contribute to helping to heal the world we live in. Sat Nam 

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FINDHORN PRESS PUBLISHING-TEACHING REVIEWJohn was born in South Shields Tyne & Wear England…He recognized at an early age that he had an unusual gift and through many experiences and self-exploration has developed a program of Workshops to pass on his knowledge to others…Combining this with his ability to connect others to the all-encompassing energy field, John is able to deliver his Meditation Courses with expertise. His humor compassion and authenticity endear him to those he works with….Angela Brookman Findhorn Press Publishing.

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I’ve read many books on Reiki. I’ve been attuned for Reiki I & II for around 6 years now. To be honest, I never took the final step to become a Reiki Master for two reasons. … One: The fee is astronomical.Two: With my Reiki I attunements, the woman who attuned me, also passed some of her own “problems” to me. I spoke with a Reiki Master who charges $1,300 for a Reiki III attunement, I spoke To This Reiki Master about Attune Yourself To Reiki The Cosmology Way manual. After speaking with him, he offered to attune me for free. He said he charged so much because he was a genuine Reiki Master, who only opened the way for others to be able to do Reiki. He himself knew of other Masters who passed emotional baggage to their students as well as other notions that were not their own. This turned me off having another attunement done by someone else. Our healing professions are becoming astronomical in cost!. Attune Yourself To Reiki Is The Only way I would Go.

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Thank you, John, I really appreciate your generosity. I have thought about learning the art of reiki, for many years but never found any teacher I attuned to. I was always surprised about the secrecy around the symbols which I thought was nonsense and the cost to train was thousands. I have had a few reiki sessions where the energy I could feel was amazing, so I am excited now to learn more. I use the Bach flower remedies for myself, family, and friends which have been very helpful for many years helping to heal the emotional body and I love the idea of bringing the universal energy into the body, I can’t wait to feel it for myself. I am enjoying the book, I did watch the videos first and I drew the symbols that were behind you as I followed your procedures for each one. You say in the book to read the book first, however, I will do the procedures again once finished. I have a very active mind which I now understand and have good control of by listening and reading books by Eckhart Tolle and I am getting better and better at finding the stillness. I am looking forward to your meditations. I am hands-on when learning so I am glad to have your email for any questions and I would also be very interested in coming over from New Zealand In the future to do some courses with you, many thanks. Kind regards, Patt

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Thanks for giving away to learn Reiki Therapy… I am halfway and I am enjoying it… I feel it was meant to reach your site… Thanks for everything 

Reiki Course Reviews

John is an intuitive healer. Very in tune with clients’ emotions and has a genuine willingness to help people. Thank you..

Reiki Course Reviews

Thank u John that was truly amazing – & hand on heart that was the highest I’ve ever been!!! I’ve been in a dream all day!!! Looking forward to your websites :)) Jill

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Bavani Krishnan Hi JohnYou is a great soul. I tried several treatments for my back pain includes acupuncture, chiropractic, strong pain relief, etc… After one session of your Reiki therapy, I am getting myself back…The way you’re focussed on your Reiki teaching in Reiki symbols is more energetic and more powerful tools for releasing blocks and healing. You are most experienced and you have done much research on Reiki healing. I am blessed and happy to learn Reiki therapy from you. Thanks, John

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Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and skills and love with us last weekend. I will continue to explore and practice the skills you demonstrated for me there is no turning back. Lissa. Port Macquarie NSW 2000

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John, you are a very special man with amazing energy. The love you give out and share with others is truly beautiful. I am really grateful you came into my life. Thank you so much for all the insights and gifts you have shared in these past weeks. Linda 2000

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Since coming to Darwin I am doing the treatment I learned from the book. I have done therapy on a girl in the office and she has recommended two more people for treatments-for the first time paying clients. I am telling people that the book was developed by John Campbell and is based on the symbols of the Knights Templar. You are given full credit for developing the system. I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Barb 2008

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How does one put my experience down on paper without it turning into a short novel? I think my best testimony is that if I hadn’t met John Campbell at the time of my life when I did I would not have been able to get through my period of personal turmoil. I also attended John workshop 3. Which has changed my life in many ways is hard to describe. It is a change that will influence me for the rest of my life. John doesn’t have a big head to realize that he is as normal as you and me. He has a gift to guide/teach you the keys to making these changes. He is a wealth of knowledge and doesn’t mind sharing it. Carmell.

Reiki Course Reviews

I am so grateful you chose Jill and I. Out of the thousands of people you have had contact with over the years. it is very touching that Jill and I have the benefit of your wise teachings. Jill is just amazing and I am busier than ever. Thank you. Jan “Rosslyn Therapist” UK.

With love, light, and a lot of respect. And thank you for the wisdomBrigitte J.A.G. Schrijvers

Reiki is a Non-Invasive, Relaxing, Gentle, Yet Powerful Method of Healing.

Reiki energy (often described as “universal life energy” or “spiritual energy”) is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing

Reiki treatments are increasingly accepted in health and community care facilities including hospitals, hospices, and cancer support units. Reiki is the most accessed complementary health treatment for cancer and leukemia patients. Many patients report significant improvements in their level of pain, fatigue, nausea, and breathing.


Rosslyn Deluxe Bioenergetic Therapy.

Bioenergetic treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also safely used to support orthodox and complementary medicine. Reiki doesn’t interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

just over three months ago a friend recommended that I see John Campbell.
I have a number of Medical Conditions.
I have Osteoporosis of the Spine and Collapsed Vertebrae as well as Multiple Fractures to my lower Spine. Soft Tissue Zirconia of the Groin: – Cancer. I had a Cancer Operation three years ago that also left me with brittle bones because of the Cancer Medication. The Operation also left me disabled with little movement to my right leg. I need a crouch to assist me to walk.

“Grand Total Of 180 Milligrams Of Morphine Tablets Per Day: To 30 Milligrams Per Day”…

Prior to having a weekly Treatment with John Campbell, I was taken 60 Milligrams of Morphine Tablets in the morning and another Two 30 milligrams of Morphine Tablets during the day. 60 Milligrams of Morphine during the night to help me sleep.A Grand total of 180 Milligrams of Morphine Tablets per day. After One Treatment I was only taking 30 Milligrams Of Morphine per day.

“The First Treatment With John Campbell”.

When I first met John He was very understanding & caring towards my condition. I was frightened to have John perform a treatment directly on my Back & Spine because of the pain & fractures on my Lower Spine. John opted for a Treatment he has developed that works on the Spine; His Treatments are performed on the front part of my body. This is done on a Massage table. The Treatment Taken an Hour and John worked on the whole of the front of my body including my Feet & Legs to assist Circulation. Plus adjusted my head, neck, and jaw with a very relaxing method John has developed himself. In fact, John Campbell has developed the whole of this very effective healing technique himself. It has taken him years to perfect these healing methods. John Calls his method “Rosslyn Therapy”.

“Literally, Channeling The Pain Out Of My Body”.

I could feel everything. It felt like John was Drawing the pain out of my body. LITERALLY CHANNELING THE PAIN OUT OF MY BODY WITH HIS HANDS. Three months later I am down to just 60 milligrams of Morphine a day. Some days I only have to take 30 Milligram Morphine Tablet in the morning. My pain has reduced considerably. I have seen my doctor last week and he said: “My Leg was the best he has ever seen it, Plus I agreed with me that I shouldn’t need a Spinal Operation on my Lower Back and to carry on with the treatments with John Campbell”. I am walking better and less hunched, which was also helping with the Osteoporosis of my Spine.

“Angels & guides Meditations”.

Angels & Guides Meditations Classes. John Also runs a Meditation class once a week that I have also been attending for the last three months. Prior to these Meditation classes, I was virtually an insomniac because of the pain. I cannot sleep lying down and have to sit up to sleep. After an hour of sleep, I usually found my back pain so bad I couldn’t sleep at all, even Morphine was not helping me sleep. John has a formula of Mediations and is all focused on healing the body with the use of our Healing Guides Or Higher Powers. Apparently, John had great success in Australia using the same formula of Meditation to assist and help Cancer patients while he worked for Cancer Care in Adelaide SA.

“John Calls This The Rosslyn Healing Method”.

After the first Meditation, I couldn’t believe I slept all night. Three months later everyone is saying how good I look, plus walking much straighter and now I sleep much better, normally all night. I would recommend John Campbell to anyone. I am a miracle to science. Not that many people live longer than a year with my type of cancer. I feel like I will live a lot longer with the help of John Campbell.
Best Wishes Sue, UK…

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