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Had a wonderful experience yesterday. John is Excellent Clairvoyant and Great Teacher. He is able to give me very accurate information and very professional. John gave me a lot of his time which im grateful for. His advise and guidance will help me to my next level.
Thank you John for your patience. Michelle.


$150.00 Per Person an Hour.

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A clairvoyant may have the ability to see past or future events and can see remote events.

They are often consulted after the death of a family member

when the bereaved wish to make contact with a loved one.

Of all the clairvoyant’s offers, John Campbell has the largest portfolio of psychic

ability& healing techniques that can be taught and passed on to his clients.
Of all the clairvoyants have available,

John Campbell is the most prestigious and is recognized for his

work in many kinds of healing techniques as well as his psychic predictions.

John Campbell can be consulted in a one to one private session as well as tarot parties.





John can be consulted in a one to one private Tarot Reading session but also offers online readings.

Experience as a Clairvoyant Medium performing in Psychic Events around the world.

Of all the clairvoyants Adelaide has available,

John is one of the most prestigious and is recognized for his work……..

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Clairvoyant Readings: Reviews

Wow! Such a powerful healer and psychic.

John was able to tune in to many of my life experiences over so many years, not just my current situation.

He provided me insight into strengths and abilities and how to use them on my life path.

Gave me insight into what is coming next. John is very honest and straight to the point,

he didn’t fluff anything or only tell me what I wanted to hear. True to what he is here for.
Thank you, Bee.

National Lottery Winner Prediction UK 2004. My very first reading with John CampbellAs someone who is interested in the spiritual new age thinking I happened upon John Campbell when visiting my first Psychic Fair in Hexham Northumberland UK. Whilst waiting for my partner to Finnish his reading with another psychic I felt drawn to John and we ended up chatting. Although very nervous and apprehensive, I felt compelled to go through with my first reading. During the Tarot reading, I found myself agreeing to every statement John arrived at, including personality traits, past life events, and personal experiences. This was until John was adamant he could see me surrounded by pots of gold! And mentioned six zero figures. After such a precise reading I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and began to doubt everything John had said. John told me to prepare for this event it would occur in the very near future and would change my life. On leaving I was pleased with the reading as a whole but still couldn’t accept my life would change finically. Twenty-Eight Days after my reading I received an ecstatic telephone call from my only brother to say he WON A STAGGERING 3.7 MILLION POUNDS on the NATIONAL LOTTERY… This was made all ore amazing as id I spoke to him and explained the reading id received from John and especially the pots of gold. Because of this conversation, my brother who very rarely plays the pottery decided to a few lucky dips in the weeks that followed anyone who is thinking of getting a reading I can personally recommend John and will be seeing him again in the near future. Gill.

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

Hi John, thank you so much for my reading I look forward to seeing and learning from you. Breath of fresh air. At last clear understanding. Cheers and once again thank you, thank you, thank you. Cheryl

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews

Hello, how are you going? I absolutely enjoyed my reading with you

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

I am so surprised I felt like John really saw me as no one else had before. He was able to link the pains to anxiety I felt to certain situations in my life. He accurately highlighted these connections and gave excellent guidance on how to change these situations. He truly is a remarkable man.

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

John helped me get back on track with my life’s purpose! He is incredibly talented with his work and takes it very seriously while keeping the atmosphere very calm, relaxing, and friendly. I gained so much information and help through my reading that even a few months after I am still learning and growing from it. John definitely has a passion to help people and If you are looking to see a psychic then you have found the right place! I’m grateful to have crossed paths with him. Rebecca

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

John talked calmly about the very personal stuff he picked up. Things about my past boyfriends, family, work, and the problem’s that I was internalizing. He also mentioned several family members that passed away and who was looking after me, which was special to know. He did a Tarot Reading and we talked a lot about where I had been, where I was at, and where I was going to maximize my potential and minimize the stress and pain I was causing myself. He affirmed aspects about myself that I knew to be special and powerful- but were perhaps intimidating to pursue with full force, sometimes it takes a healing hand to help you unlock your own potential you know you’ve always been hiding from yourself. Diana Buchanan

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

What can I say, meeting you has changed my life forever! Some of the questions I had when I met you have been answered by giving me the keys to unlock the answers myself. Even though I used to dread the words “just shut your eyes” I understand the importance of those four words. Even though these questions have been answered, I have many more, because you have the faith in me to find the answers myself I will always treasure learning…Thank you so much Kristy NSW 2000

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

Thank you for such an accurate reading; My aunty did visit me on Sunday, she touched my hair and I saw a flash of white light, her presence was very strong. You were spot on. Thank you Isabella 2017

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

Today at the Adelaide Mind, Body, and soul expo I had a reading done with John. I came away from it an absolute believer. The reading was meant to be for me however my husband’s nanna came through. The dates and events she used to validate her presence through John were accurate beyond belief. Also, the questions that were answered for me gave me closure. The weird part is they were questions I didn’t need to ask him, yet he still had the answers for me. I can’t thank him enough for what he was able to give me today.

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

John is the real deal absolutely amazing reading he connected with my Dad who I was very close to and spoke to me like it was him there. He told me about my past which was true and gave me insight into my future which I needed to understand to know where I am currently at everything will work out. Describe me down to a tee and the people who are around me. Highly recommend. Thanks, John

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

Wow! Such a powerful healer and psychic. John was able to tune in to many of my life experiences over so many years, not just my current situation. He provided me insight into strengths and abilities and how to use them on my life path. Gave me insight into what is coming next. John is very honest and straight to the point, he didn’t fluff anything or only tell me what I wanted to hear. True to what he is here for.

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

Today I was fortunate enough to have experienced a reading and powerful meditation session with John. From the start, I felt comfortable and supported by his honest and loving energy. He imparted clear and beautiful medium-ship guidance in a most respectful and profound manner. I highly recommend John as a gifted healer of integrity and light, rare indeed.

Clairvoyant/Reading Reviews:

Alane Crawford This lovely man is amazing