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World-renowned Healer, Clairvoyant, Medium,

Teacher and Author now living and practicing in Adelaide

After phenomenally successful practices, tours, and seminars in Europe, Asia, Australia international acclaimed Healer, Clairvoyant, Medium, teacher and author John Campbell

Author of “The Dream Key” and “How to attune yourself to Reiki the Cosmology Way”. John Campbell developed his own therapy. The Roslin Healing Method. To help people deal with pain – without resorting to drugs.

Johns non-obtrusive, Life changing and totally unique technique focuses on the bodies electrical system, which is directly connected to our thoughts.

The Roslin Healing Method is particularly effective in treating, stress, back pain repetitive strain and posture problems.

The technique, combined with a soothing mix or Reiki and Clairvoyance, has helped people around the world attain a more balanced and relaxing feel in their bodies.

On sharing this knowledge: “I wanted to write a book designed to give the reader insight into how Reiki can be used in daily life. Reiki gives us the ability to heal others and ourselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level”, says John.

These easy step -by -step exercises are formulated to open the door to higher consciousness, making Reiki available to everyone. Healing is a universal available gift and it is my wish that everyone knows best how to use it.

In addition to healing clients in the UK Portugal Thailand and Australia, John was a volunteer therapist at the Cancer Care Centre in Adelaide and Resident Healer providing relief from sickness to those in most need.

He is now bringing his healing hands and gentle spirit to the Wirral and is available for private consultations.

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